Slack Tips And Tricks (How To Use Slack Effectively)

/ Arvid Andersson
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Give yourself time to understand how you can use Slack to optimize workflows and maximize productivity.

Slack tips and tricks can help you to unlock the full potential of the platform. If you currently lead a Slack-based team and want to know how to use Slack effectively to meet objectives, you’ve come to the right place. There is no shortage of Slack tips and tricks for you to explore. In this short guide, we will break down a few easy ways to elevate team experiences on this platform.

How To Use Slack Effectively (Slack Tips)

Learning how to use Slack effectively begins with embracing the possibilities of the platform. You should give yourself time to understand how you can use Slack to optimize workflows and maximize productivity. If you run a remote team, ask them to bring ideas to the table on how to get the most out of the platform, such as optimizing Slack channels around their workflows.

To ensure Slack works as a centralized productivity hub, you must ensure it allows every team member to do their best work. In other words, you need to get this platform working for your team - and the approach you take may differ from other organizations. Fortunately, once you’re aware of a few Slack tips and tricks, it’s easy to customize the platform around your needs.

Slack Tips And Tricks

Leverage Slack App Directory

If you’re not aware of the Slack App Directory, this is a total game-changer. While Slack works great out-of-the-box for team communication, you can enhance the potential of this platform by adding a few integrations. In many cases, Slack integrations are free or come with a small fee. You name it, it’s on the directory. There are so many integrations for you to choose from.

From enterprise-ready apps to brilliant bots, there is no shortage of effective Slack integrations on the directory. The best thing you can do is take these for a test drive and see what works for you. Even the integrations with a price tag attached usually come with a trial period - so you can take these for a spin risk-free. You could easily spend hours surfing through the App Directory.

Embrace Productivity Tools

If you’re navigating through the Slack App Directory and do not know where to begin, you should start by looking at the productivity tools on offer. You name it, they’ve got it. There is something for everyone. Whether you’re a small team or an ever-expanding organization with growth ambitions, you can find Slack integrations that will enable you to meet your goals and objectives.

When you take a look through the Slack App Directory, you can sort integrations by their overall popularity to get a sense of what other teams are using. This is ideal for those who are getting started with Slack. You can try multiple productivity tools at once to see whether they have an impact on your team’s ability to hit key business goals and objectives.

Let’s Do is becoming a popular task manager for Slack. If your team is struggling to stay across their workloads and often fail to hit deadlines, adding this integration to Slack can have a positive impact on team productivity. When tasks and to-do lists are scattered across multiple different applications, this can lead to a tremendous amount of confusion.

With Let’s Do, you can organize your personal and team tasks to optimize every aspect of your operations. Without leaving Slack, you can assign tasks to specific team members and set due dates. With Let’s Do you add to-do lists to Slack channels, creating a centralized location for team members to discuss the work that needs to get done. This radically simplifies everything.

While there are some effective task management platforms on the market, a Slack integration helps to bring everything under one roof. Attempting to navigate multiple platforms just to stay productive is a recipe for disaster. Bloated technology stacks are often counterintuitive and can slow your team down. Let’s Do seamlessly integrates with the Slack user interface.

Experiment With Segmentation

If you’re trying to manage complex workflows with many moving parts, use Slack channels to segment your operations and create virtual environments for focused discussions. You can add certain team members to different Slack channels to ensure the right people are kept in the loop.

Channel bookmarks for key links

Each channel in Slack has a bookmarks bar that you find just under the channel name when viewing a Slack channel. Bookmarks are a great way to highlight and organize key links and information for a channel's members. For example, use bookmarks to add links to dashboards, documents and video meeting rooms. You can even add important Slack messages as bookmarks.

Using @Mentions For Time-Sensitive Work

If you’re waiting for approval before you can complete a piece of work, you can utilize the @mentions feature to quickly get the attention of your team members. This simply involves adding the @ symbol to a message, followed by the person’s username. Once you send the message, they will receive a notification alerting them of your message in Slack.

Keep track of messages

The activity in a Slack workspace can happen fast, and sometimes you just need to reply or take action at a later point. Slack has a great feature to help you not lose track of messages. With it, you will get reminded about a message when it better suits you. To find it, select the three dots to the right of the message in Slack. This will bring up a menu where you can select ”Remind me about this”, and from there, you choose when you want to be reminded.

Getting Started With Slack Tricks

To embrace the potential of Slack as a platform for centralized productivity, we recommend taking a few of the integrations on the Slack App Directory for a spin. You can start by adding Let’s Do to your Slack workspace. This integration will enable you to assign tasks to specific team members and set due dates. When there’s a looming deadline, they will get notified.

Using Let's Do, you add to-do lists to Slack channels and discuss the individual tasks using native Slack threads, allowing team members to efficiently work with tasks without cluttering the workspace. Inside these threads, you can utilize all the regular Slack features your team will already know well, including mentions, reactions, and file sharing.

The best Slack tips and tricks begin with leveraging the App Directory. As a Slack-native integration, Let’s Do can play a pivotal role in keeping team members focused on the right tasks. Let’s Do seamlessly fits into the Slack user interface and acts as an extension of the platform. If you want to turbocharge Slack and turn it into the ultimate productivity hub, this is the way.

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