Change log

On this page recent notable changes to Let's Do are posted. We continusly work with improving the product, performance and fix any bugs that come up.

Are you missing any important features? Please let us know at

7 June 2022 - πŸ’ Updated the format of shared and pinned to-do lists to not automatically ping users mentioned in the list when it is posted/updated. A minor change, but the previous behavior has caused some unnecessary pings.

29 May 2022 - πŸ›  Beta release of repeated to-dos. The option to set to-dos as repeated has been enabled for all users. Using it you can add tasks that will automatically be recreated in an interval. For example, have a report that needs to be filled out by every Friday? Create a to-do that that is repeated weekly. Settings from the original to-do is copied to repeated versions, and the due-at date is updated to match the selected interval.
The available repeat intervals are every month, every week, every other week, and every workday (Monday - Friday). Also, a date when to end the repeat can be set. The options are found at the end of the new to-do window.
The feature is still in Beta, and adjustments might be made to how it works and looks. Let us know any feedback.

17 May 2022 - 🌍 Improved support for user timezone settings. Let's Do will more often ensure that it has the correct timezone setting for each user and better make sure that the correct timezone is used in the different parts of the app where dates are used.

31 March 2022 - πŸ‘€ Filter to-do lists to more easily get an overview of a channels to-dos. A drop-down menu to filter to-dos in a list has been added to the app home and channel lists of to-dos. You can filter a list of to-dos by Open, Due this week, Passed due date, Unassigned, and Completed. For pinned and shared lists the filter setting is saved, so you can, for example keep a pinned list of to-dos that are due the current week.

25 February 2022 - πŸ“¬ Notifications on completed tasks. On to-dos you can now select a person to get notified when the task is completed. A easy way to keep stakeholders or collaborators informed about the progress of a task.

18 February 2022 - Change notifications - when you update a to-do you can choose to notify the assignees about the updates. If selected, a message highlighting what fields have been changed along with the to-do will be sent to any assignees of the to-do. The choice is saved per to-do, so if you, for example, are working on to-do you can skip sending any notifications until it is done. These notifications can be toggled in the settings.

16 February 2022 - Feedback form to make it easier to submit feedback on Let's Do. You find a link on the app home next to the link to get in touch with support.

11 February 2022 - The main website has been updated with more information on features and adjusted design.

9 February 2022 - When creating a to-do, any assignees will be notified about the assignment. If you don't want to notify the assignee, it can be disabled from the to-do dialog. Also, users can toggle if they want to receive notifications in the settings.

3 February 2022 - Set at what time you want due to-dos reminders to be delivered to you. You find this setting if you click ”Settings” on Let's Do home tab.

31 January 2022 - Subscriptions and plans activated. Each Slack workspace that starts using the app gets a free trial. After that time, a subscription is needed to keep using the app. The plans are based on how many active users of Let's Do there will be in the Slack workspace. Both monthly and yearly subscriptions are available. More info at the pricing page

14 January 2022 - Getting started guide added. Check it out.

10 January 2022 - Create comment threads for to-dos, to discuss or comment on a to-do. The thread will be updated with status changes to the to-do. The option menu for to-dos includes an option to create comment threads.

20 December 2021 - Better handling of large to-do lists on the Let's Do app home. Lists with 25+ to-dos are paginated.

9 December 2021 - Drag and drop sorting on to-dos in lists. To-do lists now have the option "Sort" in their drop-down menu. This can be useful if you want to reorder a list with many items. As Slack doesn't support drag and drop interactions, this will take you to a web page where you can sort the to-dos in the list. Any changes are saved instantaneously and synced to any places where the list is displayed in Slack.

29 November 2021 - Personal to-dos introduced. These are to-dos only visible to you and not shared with any other team members. You find these on the Let's Do app home, where you also can add new personal to-dos. You can use the command /todo personal from any Slack channel to add a new personal todo.