Slack Reminders (How To Set Reminders In Slack)

/ Arvid Andersson
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Looking for a way to ensure tasks are completed on time and deadlines are met?

Are you interested in leveraging Slack reminders to keep your Slack-based team on track? If you are looking for a way to ensure tasks are done on time and deadlines are met, there are built-in tools in Slack and applications you can add to your workspace. Before considering the best Slack apps for task management, let’s explore what built-on features are available for setting reminders.

How can you set reminders in Slack?

Slack reminders are notifications that are triggered in intervals or at a set date and time. You can use Slack reminders to ensure your team is aware of upcoming deadlines, to-do items, and other timely information. When you use other platforms and applications to set reminders, this can take you away from staying productive inside Slack - a centralized productivity hub.

Using a Slack command, you can set reminders for yourself or for other team members in Slack. To set a reminder inside the platform, you can type /remind in the message field, followed by the name of the desired recipient, trigger event, and date/time. For example, you could type /remind @lisa to submit the report by the end of the day. It’s a straightforward and intuitive feature.

Once you have set a reminder, Slack will send a notification to the specified team member at the designated time. While many teams are using Slack to create unified workflows, few are embracing the full possibilities of the platform using features like this. There is an ever-growing number of Slack integrations on the App Directory for teams to elevate the potential of the platform.

How can you use Slack reminders for task management?

Slack reminders are a valuable tool for managing tasks and ensuring due dates are met. By setting reminders for yourself and other team members, you can ensure that everyone is aware of upcoming deadlines and to-do items. You can also use Slack reminders to keep track of progress on specific tasks. For example, you could set a reminder for yourself to check in with a team member on the status of a project every few days.

What are the best Slack apps for reminders?

The best Slack apps for reminders are easy to implement into your team's workflow. Let's Do is a purpose-built task management tool that integrates with Slack. You can use Let's Do to create shared to-do lists on Slack channels, as well as assign tasks to co-workers. To ensure nothing is overlooked, each task can have a dedicated Slack thread to streamline communication.

As a Slack-native application, Let’s Do can play a transformative role in helping you to build unified workflows. If you find it challenging to keep everyone on the same page regarding tasks and due dates, you can leverage a solution like Let’s Do to boost team productivity. Additionally, you can easily create repeated tasks using Let's Do. For example, if you have a report that needs to be filled out monthly or a biweekly team lunch that needs to be booked – set up recurring to-dos with Let's Do to ensure that the routine is in place and your team knows its upcoming tasks.

The abundance of integrations in the Slack App Directory makes it easier than ever to turn Slack into a centralized workspace.

Why should you use a Slack app for reminders?

When you have everything under one roof, you can keep team members focused on utilizing a single cloud-based platform for communication and collaboration. Staying productive is a key challenge for many remote teams. With Let’s Do, you can keep your team on track by adding shared to-do lists to Slack channels and assigning tasks to specific team members.

While the built-in feature for setting reminders in Slack is certainly useful, it’s not as effective as an application like Let’s Do. This Slack-native application enables you to hold team members aligned with their tasks. If you are trying to create a work environment that promotes self-responsibility and transparency, adding Let’s Do to Slack is the way to go.

Even though Slack’s built-in reminder feature works nicely for quick notes, it can be less useful for creating processes and adding a structure to your workflows. This is why many teams prefer to use Slack-native integrations from the App Directory. These seamlessly blend with Slack’s user interface and act as an extension of the platform.

How do I add a reminder bot in Slack?

Rather than relying on a reminder bot in Slack, you can use Slack-native apps to handle reminders. Much like Slack’s built-in reminder feature, bots can often fall short in their ability to add a sense of structure to workflows. Rather than scattering individual reminders across various Slack channels, you should look for a Slack task manager solution to bring order to your operations with clear assignments and due dates.

How can Slack remind me of deadlines?

If you need help staying on top of deadlines, you can use Slack reminders to ensure nothing falls through the cracks. You can think of Slack’s in-built reminder feature as a short-term solution to a long-term problem. While using the Slack command can help to remind you of important tasks, it’s not going to solve your underlying task management workflow challenges.

Let’s Do tackles your task management problems head-on with a subtle yet powerful app integration. The solution perfectly blends with Slack’s user interface so that it just becomes another feature on the platform. The tool neatly sits inside the user interface and is there when you need it most. Looking for something to shake up the Slack experience? You’ve found it.

Slack-native apps like Let’s Do can essentially eliminate the need for platforms like Trello. When you have a scalable task manager sitting inside Slack, why bother moving back and forth between Trello and Slack? Let’s Do creates an opportunity for you to shrink down your technology stack and centralize your operations. Simplicity is the secret to the success of any workflow.

If you’re curious about how Slack apps and integrations can turbocharge your workflows, you need to take a browse through the Slack App Directory. There is no shortage of intriguing integrations for you to explore. We’re a little biased but we believe Let’s Do is the best task management integration on the Slack App Directory. Are you ready to get started?

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